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Back in 2007 when Life Outside the Streets was founded by Jon Mckay, our mission was to increase success both at home and in the classroom through mentorship, training, and resources. 


Outreach has always been our specialty since 2007. At the start of the summer of 2007, we launched LOTS with the Sneaker Villa Camp Tour, where we rewarded families with a discount or giveaway for taking literature on free to low-cost camp programs available in the city. 


From 2007 to 2012 Life Outside the Streets continued to cross-promote resources and information through family-oriented events, recreation, and outreach. We would host skating parties at the legendary Carmen's Skating Rink, performing arts showcases at halls, clubs, and venues such as the Philly Rotunda on UPenn’s campus, and we would provide the youth artist development and entrepreneurship programs as real-world learning opportunities. 


In June 2015 at the direction of his mentor, Dr. Maurice Henderson, the founder, Jon Mckay completed the University of Penn’s Netter Center’s Nonprofit Institute certificate program on nonprofit management and formally incorporated Life Outside the Streets in July 2015 as a 501c3 non-profit organization with the expertise of Dr. WesleyProctor. One month later, in August 2015, Life Outside the Streets secured our first contract at Girard College working in partnership with Kirsten Britt, CEO of Inspire Me 2 Change, teaching life skills, financial literacy, performing arts, health, and wellness to students in grades 3rd - 7th.


In 2017 we returned to the Netter Center family, this time as staff, providing programming around performing arts, life skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship at Sayre High and West Philly High. 


In the summer of 2018, we began working with Youth Emergency Services Inc providing talent for their annual Teen Conference in which we’ve hosted each year following to date. In March 2018 we landed in Vaux Big Picture High school as a positive support staff member to close the school year out. 


In September 2019 our role at Vaux Big Picture was expanded to become the school's activities coordinator where we built the after-school program from scratch successfully enrolling about 60 students in about 6 different programs throughout the school year. 


Now here we are locked and loaded in 2021. We have everything we need to heal our community and make it a safe place to live and grow.

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