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Want to join us in making a difference? We're raising money to benefit violence-ridden communities in Philadelphia, and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

Funds raised will be used to hire local black-owned security companies to provide college campus-like security in neighborhoods plagued with violence. Ultimately, we want to provide security that is on the level of the city of Las Vegas. 

As of right now, the police in Philadelphia do not possess the personnel to secure, protect and respond to violence; therefore we are calling on the community, stakeholders, and anyone who wants to see peace in the streets of Philadelphia to donate whatever you can and share the campaign with your network. 

Thank you in advance, may God bless you, Philadelphia, America, and the world.

Please Sign Our Petition If You Support Our Vision For Safety

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Life Outside The Streets Public Safety plan will provide security, restorative justice, mediation, self-defense training, signage with safety tips, messaging, and alerts such as amber alerts that include our children. LOTS  will proactively  train and develop a workforce of trauma care agents who are skilled and equipped to prevent,  intervene, and treat trauma that involves conflict. We are proactively hosting  community healing festivals, outdoor activities and training around trauma care, self defense,  and brain health. We encourage and provide opportunities for residents to get involved.  We host weekly virtual town halls so that it is accessible to the community. 


LOTS organization has hosted workforce development programs since 2016 serving over 500 students. Our programming in 2021 will be during the summer months at Vaux Big Picture HS however, with the increase in violence we will be running the winter months with more partnerships in the community.  Directly after our organization programming we expect to see outcomes of empathy, compassion,  healing,  love, and restoration within our community as  the new norm. Below is our  program oview for our youth.

The Team

  • L..O.T.S. Board 

  • HR Director

  • Admin Assistant

  • Fundraisers

  • Grant Writer

  • CFO

  • Marketing Director

  • Facilitators 

  • Licensed Clinician 

Project Implementation Plan

L.O.T.S has a 5-year goal to have urgent healing centers in areas of the city most impacted by violence and trauma. We will be onsite in schools to be additional support to counselors, students, teachers and parents . We are also looking to obtain a 10% market share of media in communities that we serve to communicate our message of healing . We will use the market share in the media as well as our team to clearly communicate our message of proactively “Treating Your Trauma” across the City of Philadelphia.

Target Districts and Organization Types

Our target market is segmented into Donors and Clients. Our Donors primarily are made up of citizens, small business owners, corporations, and community organizations that are in the communities that we serve. We will reach them through outreach, community vending, community events, performing arts, donation boxes, crowd funding and cross marketing.  Our clients are agencies that serve at-risk youth through social services such as DHS, JJSC and The School District of Philadelphia.

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