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Security for Philly Agency

We focus on establishing and maintaining public safety throughout our communities through training, education, and service.  


Immediately, we are recruiting trainers to train youth and adults in public safety.  Simultaneously,  we will be producing signage and media that educates and promotes safety tips to the public.  We will also be providing free self defense classes for families in our communities.


Security for Philly Academy

The first step to treating trauma is creating a safe space. Philadelphia has become a war zone for families.  We are currently fundraising to provide training and security for families in the community.  We believe by creating a youth academy for Security for Philly,  we will deter youth from turning to gangs and the streets to protect their families and feel safe. We believe they will join our academy instead because it has more to offer. Security for Philly Academy is a pipeline career exposure program that trains youth in public safety, self-defense, combat, restorative justice, trauma-informed care, and leadership.


Hope With Love Project


Hope With Love is a service that provides families with comfort, resources,  and support for grief.

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