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Fight the sin that is consuming Philadelphia with senseless death and violence. Immediately establish a Christian Counseling Ministry in your church. Thousands of murderers and victims walk our streets sick & filled with their sins.  Only Christ can save us. Open your doors to the people in need. Act now.

Bryan Booth, FACCT Membership Director, PA

      The Federal Association of Christina Counselors and Therapists (FACCT) has teamed with Life Outside the Streets (LOtS) to provide counseling services to all the residents of Philadelphia. Through the empowerment of local churches and religious organizations to establish Christian Counseling Ministries low-cost, immediate, community-based, available personal counseling and support will  provided to those in need throughout every area of the city. Bryan Booth will teach you the legal ramifications, the techniques, and the business of running a Christian Counseling ministry, as well as assisting pastors and motivated, trusted church members to obtain certification and/or licensure as Christian Counselors.

       Bryan Booth, PhD, is a Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist accredited as the Pennsylvania Membership Director for the Federal Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists. He has stepped forward to sponsor the growth of Christian Counseling ministries throughout Philadelphia. He holds PhD degrees in Christian Counseling, and Geography, Environmental Science & Policy. He has also earned a Master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education (Varying exceptionalities K-12) and a BPS degree in Human Resource Administration and Psychology. Dr. Booth is currently a Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist and a Certified STEM/Special Educator (PA), as well as being a former Florida Certified Behavioral Analyst. He is a Board Member of Life Outside the Streets (501c3) working to reduce gun violence in Philadelphia. He is working cooperatively with both FACCT and LOtS to enable prepared and experienced Christians who are called to the counseling ministry to become Certified / Licensed Christian Counselors and Therapists so that they may build strong Christian Counseling ministries in their churches and communities.


Bryan Booth, PhD

Licensed Christian Clinical Therapist

FACCT Pennsylvania Membership Director

727 831-0337

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