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what we do


Our mission is to treat trauma through arts, education, entertainment, and information. 


Here's a way to start your own business. LOtS supports all efforts to increase community well-being and security- BAM! 


Life Outside The Streets is proactively creating ambassadors of brain health equipped to mentor, properly meditate to reduce/eliminate crises from happening, and de-escalate at the moment.


We are also proactively introducing our services through outreach to homicide victims and their families.


Conflict resolution, mediation, life skills, education,  job readiness, case management, and awareness will be the actions at the center of how we execute our mission to treat trauma in communities.

Public Speaker


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Serving Homeless and Foster Youth

We believe young people who are displaced are in the most need of our services. We believe by catering to this community we will offset the current trajectory of crime and addiction that is plaguing our community.  

  • Trauma Care Workshop (Brain Health Coaching)

  • Self Care Workshops

  • Professional and Personal Development

  • Therapy and Groups (Grief)

  • Care Packages (Clothes and Hygiene Products)

Jon Mckay

Founder / Brain Health Specialist

Jon Mckay founded Life Outside the Streets (LOTS), a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Philadelphia, PA

Celebrating 20 years of mentorship in2022

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